Lion's Pride Military

Lion's Pride A Tail of Deployment

Our military families are the most resilient, adaptable people you will ever meet.  Grace Anne's creative story about deployment and separation highlights the challenges our families overcome.  Way to go Grace Anne!

                                                  General (Ret) Tom Schwartz and Sandy Schwartz

                                                  Board Members Emeriti Military Child Education Coalition

LION's PRIDE by Grace Anne Remey is a delightful and Yet meaningful "tail" of a family sharing deployments while remaining strong.  There is inspiration in the story told from a child's point of view using a Lions family to represent the author's family. The suggestions for families to use during deployments are clever and provide constant connections.  The use of the word "PRIDE" in the title reveals much about this family's appreciation for service to our great country.

                                                   Lucy Greene, PhD

                                                   Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA

Simply beautiful!  Grace Anne captures the thoughts and feelings every military child has when a parent deploys.  Written from a child's eyes, it's easy for kids to relate to the story and understand the stages of deployment for a family.  The creative 'Ideas from Momma Lion' are easy ways to help children cope with deployment and provide something for them to look forward to as well.  A Lion's Pride is a definite must for any military family's library.

                                                   Sharon Ledbetter, military spouse of 17 years, experienced double digit deployments 

                                                   48th Fighter Wing Key Spouse of the Year Award Winner

Lion's Pride On the Move

Lion's Pride on the Move is a wonderful follow-up to Grace Anne Remey's first book, Lion's Pride:  A Tail of Deployment.  Grace Anne Remey spins an energetic tale which children will find helpful during the difficulties of a move.  This adorable take is applicable to military families who often relocate is also a good fit for all families who face the stress of moving.

                                                    Dr. Marta Garrett, Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

                                                    Military spouse for nearly 30 years, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Grace Anne has done it again!  This time Grace Anne describes the process of moving from a militayr child's point-of-view.  She is honest in describing the fears and anxieties military children face when they PCS.  She also captures the excitement and positive aspects of going somewhere new.  This is a great book for military parents to use in helping their children through a move.  As a seasoned AF BRAT with then PCS moves under my belt, I can say she hit it right on the money!

                                                     Heidi Meisterling, Military Family Programs Coordinator & Air Force BRAT

​On The Move is a good book for showing what it's like for military kids to move a lot, and gives good ideas for helping kids to cope with a move to a different country.  I should know because I'm an American military kid in Germany.

                                                      Michael Ashton, age 8

Grace Anne once again gives voice to the unique experience of being a military child.  Her honesty about feeling scared, nervous, and excited when moving to an unknown place is something that so many children can relate to.  This story is a must-read for military and civilian families alike who are about to embark on a move or major life change.  Children will love hearing they area not alone in their feelings, and this story will help them to view moving or change as an epic adventure!

                                                       Christa Leggio, Department of Defense Teacher, US Air Force wife and mother