Grace Anne Remey

Lion's Pride Military‚Äč

Grace Anne is a military child who at age 8 and 9 decided to share her experiences of coping with seven deployments and several moves, through writing and illustrating stories in order to help other military kids and families.  Her creative books, Lion's Pride: A Tail of Deployment and Lion's Pride On the Move have reached many families and children.  Grace Anne is now 11 years old and lives in Germany. She is a proud military kid and enjoys volunteering in her community, speaking to military kids and organizations, as well as book readings.  She is honored to be recognized as a Hasbro Community Action Hero by GenerationOn for her service work as well as a Bronze Medal winner for Lion's Pride: A Tail of Deployment being named best children's book from Military Writers Society of America.  Her huge heart, creativity, and her passion to educate the community and help military families shows in her charming stories as well as her community service.