Deployment Book & Moving Book

for Children and Families

** Written and illustrated by a military child for military families

Grace Anne Remey is a young author who has written and illustrated two children’s books, sharing ‘tails’ of a Lion family coping with deployment and the adjustment of moving.  Both stories are told from a child’s perspective and have great insight into the child’s point of view.  In the stories, Grace Anne shows strength and resiliency while coping with struggles along the way.  Your family will find comfort in reading these charming stories and find helpful skills to add to your parenting toolbox.

Lion’s Pride:  A Tail of Deployment was written to help military families cope with separation. The compelling story gives insight into feelings associated with all phases of the deployment cycle from a child’s point of view. Grace Anne wrote this book as a second grader who has experienced 7 deployments in her young life.   Her story tells of a lion cub’s experiences and includes her many feelings and struggles about her Daddy Lion having to deploy.  The book also includes a ‘How To’ section written by Momma Lion, describing ideas families can use during deployment  to help children cope. As more families have jobs that require times of separation (be it civilian work, TDY’s, set-sail, border patrol, business trips or mobilization for operational deployments) keeping connection between parent and child during the time apart is so important.  Our family hopes this book will provide families with some practical ideas and even have some fun along the way!

Lion’s Pride On The Move is a charming story all about the process of moving written from a 9 year old’s perspective. Grace Anne takes you on another journey with Lion’s Pride sharing her feelings and struggles along the way. She shares the common feelings of excitement, sadness and fear with honesty and humor while showing readers ideas to make the transition of moving fun! A great book to help children understand what it is like to move. Lion’s Pride On The Move also includes helpful tips from Momma Lion giving practical ideas for parents.